What is MDTP?

The Mathematics Diagnostics Testing Project (MDTP) develops and provides diagnostic tools and training to support California mathematics educators in preparing students for success in current and subsequent mathematics courses.

MDTP tests also provide adequate diagnostic information about their preparedness, making it very easy for teachers and students to directly identify and focus on areas that need improvements.

Having licensed MDTP tests, Knowledge Tools is committed to providing online diagnostic tests to every student in the United States.

I'm a school administrator - how will Knowledge Tools help my school?

Knowledge Tools provides your teachers with the necessary tools to give your students a competitive edge in their preparation for college mathematics courses. We also provide administrators and schools with the MDTP resources and materials needed to aid and direct collaborative departmental initiatives and discussions, in order to develop enrichment and intervention programs. Apart from this, our tests help guide informed decisions on policy, and provide adequate placement support.

I'm a math teacher - how will Knowledge Tools help me and my students?

Teachers know the difficulty of trying to analyze student abilities without proper tools. Our online diagnostic tests and platform afford you the opportunity to adapt your instructions and curriculum to perfectly fit the specific needs of each of your students. Also, our MDTP tests allow you to directly identify pain points, and work with each student to overcome any shortcoming or lack of skill.

What tests do you offer?

MDTP Grade 6, 7 & 8 Level Assessments evaluate essential topics needed for success in Common Core Standards courses.

MDTP Course Level Readiness Tests are diagnostic assessments of students' readiness in several foundational topics necessary for success in Common Core courses.

MDTP College Level Assessment Tests are usually administered as part of the matriculation process to accurately place students in mathematics courses.

For the full list of tests, click here.

Can I see a preview of a certain test?

The best way to preview and even try the MDTP assessments is by signing up for a risk-free 14-day trial. You will be allowed to try any 2 of our assessments either in a classroom or in mock testing by your team. For more information, and to sign up, click here.

How does the online platform work?

Sign into our Testing Login page to administer a test online. After the test has been completed, instantly access the online diagnostic test results. Results are categorized by Topic Summary, Item Analysis, Answer Timings, Individual Results, etc. Many graph bars and links are clickable, so you can drill deeper into your report. All test results are exportable.

To preview a sample test, click here. Watch our latest webinar here.

Which devices do I need to use the online platform?

The Knowledge Tools testing site supports all modern browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) found on PCs and Macs, as well as Chromebooks, iPads, and Android Tablets. We do not recommend nor support using browsers on phones.

Can students take the tests at home?

Testing in a classroom, with a faculty member, is recommended. However, some of our schools do test incoming, remote students from home. If security is a concern for remote test takers, you might consider using a proctoring service, like ProctorU.

Can the diagnostic test results be exported?

Yes, all of the data is exportable. You can choose to view, print, or download the critical information you need to make data driven decisions in your classroom.

Can I customize the tests?
No, the MDTP tests we offer are purposefully developed and validated by MDTP workgroup members, including faculty from CSU, UC, community colleges, and secondary schools.
Can I add more testing students later on?

If during the course of a subscription year a school exceeds the number of testing student in their tier, the school/district will be invoiced for a pro-rated upgrade to the next subscription tier.

As an example, a school which holds a subscription plan for up to 200 students (tier 1). During month 8, the school adds new student enrollments, and their total number of testing students is now 300. The school/district will be invoiced for 5 months of the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2.

((New Tier amount – Old Tier amount ) / 12 months) X Number of months at the new tier.((459 – 799) / 12) X 5 = $140

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